Review Tansania Mbeya Iyenga - JB Kaffee

Tansania Mbeya Iyenga - JB KAffee


Roster: JB Kaffee


Method: Cold Drip

Parameters: 44g for 520ml, 1 drop per second, coarsely ground (comandante C40 +7 clicks vs. V60)

flavor: sweet berrys, citrus fruits, red currant, dark chocolate


A great cold drip coffee for hot sommer days. perfect for mixing with longdrinks or pure with ice and iced fruits.

Stronger dark chocolate flavor by using 0,8 drops per second and ground a bit more finely (comandante C40 +4 clicks vs V60) fits perfect with milk, ice and iced fruits


Roster: JB Kaffee


Method: V60

Parameters: 16g for 250ml, 96 degree Celsius, 1:45h extraction

Flavor: black tee, citrus fruits


Nice coffee which is worth to wait a view minutes and taste with a lower temperature

Roster: JB Kaffee


Method: Aeropress

Parameters: 16g for 200ml, 96 degree Celsius,  45:45 seconds extraction, comandante C40 +4 clicks vs V60

Flavor: black tee, chocolate, citrus fruits, lavender, velvety smooth


Velvety and exciting coffee (I prefer this beans wth Aeropress insted of V60). Great to wake up with and start the day

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    Jonas (Donnerstag, 14 Mai 2020 14:16)

    super informative Seite hast du hier - macht richtig Spaß zu lesen. Vielen Dank!
    Eine kurze Frage, weil mein Iyenga von JB morgen ankommt:
    Was genau meinst du mit "C40+4 clicks vs V60"?
    Bzw. von welcher Grundeinstellung der C40 gehst du denn aus? Die aus der Commandante Anleitung?
    Danke und lg